War on Christmas not as warlike this year: Obama to blame?

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We are deep into War on Christmas season (following hard upon the War on Thanksgiving season), and have noted some encouraging portents

for the Jesus team. But as with the War in Vietnam, victory is in doubt

if the people’s hearts aren’t in it, and in contrast to last year, the tone of War on Christmas commentary is now largely taking a turn for the trivial, the temporizing, and the irrelevant.

Take, for example, RightPundits’ WoC item, headlined, “The Christmas Atheists Are Back; Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Author Shannon Bell posits a population of “Christmas atheists” who

“don’t believe in God but still celebrate the birth of his Son.” Seems

like Bell and the Christmas atheists would have little enough to fight

about, but Bell weakly essays a challenge: “How does it affect your

life,” says Bell, “if I, being a Christian, choose to celebrate

Christmas by first acknowledging that it’s the birthday of Jesus

Christ; and second by putting up a Christmas tree and exchanging

presents with my family? Guess what? It doesn’t.”

Having thus disposed of those Christian atheists who would

forcibly remove her Christmas tree, Bell ends, “Can’t Christmas

atheists and Christians wish each other ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry

Christmas’ without rupturing a blood vessel?”

This is what the War on Christmas is coming to: fights with atheists who celebrate Christmas. Luckily for our amusement, at least some of the brethren are better girded for battle:

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