Wanted in Kansas: Leaders

One topic among the punditry last week was the certainty that the Kansas Legislature will re-fight the battle over coal-fired power plants in Holcomb, Kansas.

To recap: Sunflower Electric Power Corporation wants to expand. Some stuck-in-the-past legislators want to let Sunflower build coal plants, saying the project will bring desperately needed jobs to the western part of the state. Last year, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, after some serious prodding, put a stop to the polluting, old-world project. Now, though, the fight’s back on.

With Sebelius possibly headed to Washington for a cabinet job as head of Health and Human Services — or even if she’s not — Kansas could use some serious leadership on this issue. Someone to champion the idea that there are other ways — though they won’t necessarily be cheap and fast — to generate power and bring jobs to Western Kansas. Someone who can take us into the future, instead of digging us in deeper to the same old way we’ve been doing things.

Republicans encouraged to apply.

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