Wal-Mart gets dinged by $81 million fine, some of it stemming from Missouri crimes

  • Wal-Mart spent a tough day in court, but fines won’t hurt its pocketbook

Wal-Mart settled up on three criminal lawsuits on Tuesday, one of them coming out of Kansas City.

In all, the massive retailer will pay out $81.6 million in fines for various environmental transgressions.

Wal-Mart admitted guilt to charges in Kansas City federal court that it sent 2 million pounds worth of regulated products like liquid pesticides from its return centers to a Neosho, Missouri-based recycling company called Greenleaf LLC, which then mixed them together and sold them back to customers in violation of federal laws.

Greenleaf itself paid a $200,000 penalty in 2009.

For those violations, Wal-Mart must pay $11 million in fines to the feds plus a $3 million fine to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for its pesticide regulation program.

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