Wall Street Journal writes greatest Kansas City headline ever

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The Royals finished off another losing season Wednesday night. Hooray for not finishing last! Right? The Wall Street Journal took the occasion to note that our city now has the longest active streak of years without local MLB and NFL teams recording a playoff win. Yes. The Chiefs and the Royals combined have not won a playoff game in 18 years now. The slump can vote. The paper notes that the Royals haven’t reached postseason play since winning it all in 1985, and although the Chiefs have had a half-dozen playoff appearances since their last win in 1993, they have not won.

Pathetic sports statistics aside, the Journal nailed the headline for this sad story: “Kansas City: BBQ=Good, Sports=Bad.” Never in the history of journalism has a headline about our town been more spot-on. And it will never be matched.

Oh, and the Royals fired hitting coach Kevin Seitzer.

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