Waldo Summit buys 75th Street Brewery, plans its ramen move

A year ago, the owners of the popular Summit Grill & Bar in Waldo (500 West 75th Street) told The Pitch that they’d been looking all over to find a location for the ramen restaurant they wanted to open. Chef Domhnall Molloy and general manager Andy Lock wanted about 4,000 square feet — about the size of the Waldo Summit. As the search went on, they kicked off a Tuesday-night ramen menu in February, regularly selling out of the noodle dish.

Now they’ve found their ramen venue — right next door.

Molloy and Lock are this week finalizing their purchase of the 75th Street Brewery, at 520 West 75th Street. Once they move their current restaurant from its corner space into the longtime brewery, the ramen restaurant will take over Waldo Summit.

“We love this space, but we’ve outgrown it,” Molloy says. “The 75th Street location is twice as big.”

The 75th Street Brewery, once the flagship property of the local KC Hopps empire, had been quietly shopped to potential buyers for some time, says a local businessman familiar with the KC Hopps operation. The brewhouse and restaurant, which spawned a restaurant renaissance in Waldo two decades ago, proved to be the victim of its own good fortune: Inspired by the brewery’s success, places such as Lew’s, the Well, and Louie’s Wine Dive opened, then siphoned away customers.

Molloy says he and Lock plan to close the former 75th Street Brewery space to complete a total renovation before reopening as the Summit Grill & Bar in the late summer.

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