Video: Ultimate Fakebook, “Little Apple Girl” (live in Chicago)

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have the money to attend the Motion City Soundtrack shows in Chicago this past weekend, you unfortunately missed three nights of the band playing their albums in their entirety.

You also missed three nights of Ultimate Fakebook, as Justin Pierre and the band hand-picked UFB as their openers (opening for UFB was MCS’ first-ever show). Of course, if you were smart enough to follow UFB’s drummer on Twitter (@SceneStealrEric), you could’ve watched the shows as they were streamed live. My wife and I spent our Friday evening drinking Samuel Smith’s in our basement while we rocked out in our PJs.

But if you missed both, here’s a vdeio of the band from Friday’s show, playing “Little Apple Girl,” courtesy Charting previously charted territory.

Ultimate Fakebook “Little Apple Girl” Lincoln Hall Chicago from dustin schirer on Vimeo.

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