Video: The Funk & Reggae Dance Summit

This Friday, December 18, the reggae band SeedLove, the funk band Mouth and the emcee known as Reach are hosting the Funk & Reggae Dance Summit at the Beaumont, and they’ve made this video to tell you about it.

Don’t be deterred by the guy in the tie-dyed shirt hot-steppin’ at 0:32, nor by the Thriftway production values. It’s pretty interesting to watch. Though, come to think of it, this would be way more interesting had they actually filmed inside of a Thriftway…

Anyway, you’ve already had an audio sample of Reach with Mouth; this gives you some visuals. It also shows some footage of Mouth mouthin’ off with Val Baul in studio at KKFI.

Damon Bailey of SeedLove on Mouth: “Everything you want of the dance bands that come through and everything you wish the jazz bands had, they’ve got it. They can express themselves and impress everybody at the same time. It’s a joy.”

That’s good, right?

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