Video: OK Go, “This Too Shall Pass”

Is OK Go‘s latest piece of video magic enough to dub them kings of the one-take video club? (Beyonce, we’re looking at you.) Take a look for yourself.

First famous for their 2005 viral video hit, “A Million Ways,” OK Go’s debut YouTube hit featured the band members in suits dancing ridiculously well in their backyard.

Not to be outdone, the group had a YouTube sensation on their hands again in summer 2006 with “Here It Goes Again,” which consisted of the same painstakingly choreographed dance moves—except on treadmills. Ooh la la.

Here’s the latest installment in Ok Go’s video collection, directed by Brian L. Perkins. Don’t be fooled – higher production values and swanky Sergeant Pepper outfits don’t detract from the band boys’ kitchsy charm.

Click here to check out the video for “This Too Shall Pass” from their latest album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky.

(Plus, here’s Passion Pit’s remix of “This Too Shall Pass.” You’re welcome.)
“This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Remix),” by OK Go:

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