Video: Electric Six, “Body Shot”

In what appears to be the new version of “naked chicks at the Playboy Mansion” trend, we’ve got another vaguely pornographic music video. This time, it’s from Electric Six, and is for the song “Body Shot,” off their forthcoming Metropolis release Kill, due out on October 20.

Unlike the Rammstein “Pussy” video, this is actually a pretty decent tune. The video is like watching a horny Terry Gilliam cartoon run loose in the land of Yellow Submarine. No money shots in this one, though. Still, very NSFW. Be warned before making with the clicky click below.

Electric Six’s “I’m Trying to Cut a Fucking Spot, Tony” Tour hits the Riot Rom on November 21.

Electric Six “Body Shot” (2009) – NSFW 18+ from Another Reybee Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

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