Video: Busker in a chicken suit, “What Is Love?”

Your Wayward Blogger lives in Lawrence, meaning every time there’s something needed downtown, there’s a line of buskers asking for change. We’ve a young woman who shakes maracas arrhythmically, a gentleman who plays classic rock covers on an acoustic, and there used to be a lovely young woman who would play songs on a ukulele — this is to say nothing of the omnipresent Dan Kozak.

When the weather’s nice, there’s a Cajun band who plays on the corner. However, no matter how decent or interesting any of those folks are, I can’t help but feel a little bit cheated when I see what they get down in Melbourne. A busker outside Flinders Street Station plays Haddaway‘s “What is Love” on the melodica while wearing a chicken suit.

Man in a Chicken suit plays “What is Love” on Pianica from Ring Mod on Vimeo.

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