‘VICE News Tonight’ highlights KCPD’s empty reform promises

Vice's "Kansas City Is Trying to Reform Its Police Department, but Black People Keep Getting Killed" is something you need to see.
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Screengrab via VICE News Tonight

With protesters in Wisconsin asking why the officers who shot Jacob Blake couldn’t de-escalate the situation without violence, VICE News went to Kansas City and spoke with our police department to see whether or not training could lead to real change. What they found was that KCPD failed to reform after promising modifications. This has led to more cases of police brutality against innocent black Kansas Citians.

VICE took a look inside the KCPD to see what modifications are being made. The viewer gets an inside look at the training an officer would go through in a “high-stress situation.” As well as the KCPD and anti-BLM supporters, Vice interviewed friends and family of police brutality victims. This gives an inside look at how little efforts are being made.

VICE’s video is a must-watch for anyone that believes there’s actual change happening. As a Kansas Citian myself, this is not how the rest of the world should view us—giving empty promises over people’s lives. I believed it this summer when the KCPD and mayor promised change and told protesters that this is ending now. Yet, Black people are still being killed at an alarming rate.

As much as this puts a bad light on Kansas City, this is more than just us. It’s universal. This is a must-watch for anyone and everyone who wants to understand that reform does not equal universal change.

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