An alien walks among us. And he’s not only exponentially more fabulous than the little green men we’ve been expecting; he can also rock a lot harder. His name is Mercury 2, and together with the rest of the glamtastic foursome Vibralux, the lead singer tunes in to his mascara-heavy forefathers on the band’s debut album, Trans-Mission. Running ’70s riffs through the gender blender and coating them with a retro-futuristic sheen, Vibralux dedicates “TVBF” to transvestite boyfriends. Elsewhere, “Space Girl Diet” exposes the supermodel cigarette-and-coffee regimen. Both numbers strut mightily, uncomfortable footwear and Atom Smashing’s synth bass be damned, the latter only adding extraterrestrial appeal by locking into the groove of drummer M.A. Sheen. Flashing forward a decade, Lexxxis’ and Mercury’s guitars on “Your Man” bring back teased-out Sunset Strip sleaze in all its glory, and the pingpong keyboard hook of “Satan’s Mouse” would be the envy of any new waver. As big as those songs are on bitchy attitude, though, “Arrival” positively shimmers, floating away on Mercury’s longing pleas. Trans-Mission is all over the place in a good way, but it comes together through a focus on outer space, sex and trashy verve. And even though it might be pushing things to claim everybody’s turning gay tonight, as Mercury does during the gothic drone of “Space Fags,” there’s plenty of cause for the uninitiated to become curious.

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