Versus 2

In 2004, Mac Lethal and Okwerdz squared off in an epic freestyle battle on the storied stage of Scribble Jam. Over the instrumental from Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” Okwerdz asked the audience about Mac: When the fuck did Elijah Wood have a baby with Sloth from the Goonies? Mac rebutted: Mac Lethal came through to chop herbs/One of my testicles can rap better than Okwerdz. Mac’s eminently skilled genitalia prevailed against Okwerdz, although he eventually lost to MC Illmaculate in the finals. That night’s exchange of creative vitriol doesn’t seem to have come between Okwerdz, an MC from Stockton, California, and Lethal, who remains arguably Kansas City’s finest battle rapper. Okwerdz will serve as a guest judge this weekend at Versus, an MC and beat battle hosted by Mac Lethal. (Full disclosure: The Pitch‘s own MC misanthrope, music editor Jason Harper, will also be judging.) The first night, at the Record Bar, 16 MCs and five DJs battle one another for cash and, more importantly, the respect of the city’s hip-hoppers. At last year’s inaugural Versus, Swayzorblades took top honors. The second night of this Versus weekend, a performance (read: non-battle) showcase at the Riot Room features Okwerdz, Smoov Confusion, CES Cru, Vertigone and Sephiroth, among others.

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