Vaudeville Camp

Like NPR favorites the Ditty Bops, Vermillion Lies combines dual female vocals with unusual instrumentation (gas can, flour sifter, typewriter) and perky, variety-show banter. But whereas Vermillion Lies occasionally echoes the Bops’ vintage jazz sound, this sister act (Zoe and Kim Boekbinder) delves deeper into the vaudevillian performance tradition. During “Global Warming,” the Boekbinders engage in verbal slapstick and punctuate verses with comic slide-whistle effects, putting a stage-makeup smile on grave lyrics. “Long Red Hair” applies the same cheery-yet-grim dynamics to an original fairy tale, with an audience “scream along.” The group’s warped folk fables, played primarily on acoustic guitars, toy xylophones and accordions, feature strong melodies. Interactive theatrical elements ensure that spectators become fully invested. Tonight at 9, Vermillion Lies plays at Skinless Productions Gallery (504 East 18th Street, No. 102). Tickets cost $8. For more information, call 816-699-8613.
Skinless Productions Gallery
Vermillion Lies

Sat., April 12, 9 p.m., 2008