Various Blonde, Heidi Lynn Gluck, Keef Mountain, and more: August’s must-see local videos

If you’ve read this week’s issue, you’re obviously aware there are tons of great local releases out now. And now, if you watch your way through all of these videos, you’ll know all about the releases coming out in the next couple of months. Whether you like Keef Mountain’s stoner doom, Various Blonde’s genre-breaking beats, the heartbreaking pop of Heidi Lynn Gluck, or Berwanger’s glam power-pop, there’s something to catch your eyes and ears. We even have some classic footage from the Wilmas in this month’s Cine Local.

Keef Mountain, “The Ascent”
August 2
As opening lines go, “At the base a ritual site/ We take the oath, ascend to the sky” is up there with “Drop out of life with bong in hand/ Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land.” It’s maybe not as epic as Sleep’s “Dopesmoker,” but this tease of Keef Mountain’s self-titled LP has us salivating for the full-length, which is due out October 4. It includes this re-recorded version of a song from Keef Mountain’s demo cassette, Climbing Higher.

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Berwanger, “I Want You Bad”
August 4
The lead-off single from Berwanger’s next full-length, Exorcism Rock, absolutely rocks socks. The album’s due out on Doghouse Records November 4, and this cut will show you that the band’s power-pop chops haven’t diminished any while the band’s frontman has been out playing shows with his old band the Anniversary. It’s actually been done since early 2015, but Berwanger and company wanted everything to sound perfect before it was released. Standard “live performance in a field” video, but with a cool twist at the end.

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Various Blonde, “All Bases Covered”
August 15
Another video from a forthcoming fall release! This is the title track to various Blonde’s debut on the Record Machine, which is due out September 16, and it’s a damn fine end-of-summer jam. It’s dark, booming and exactly the sort of thing you want to blast at one of those barbecues that end up with everyone digging in their trunk for a hoodie and clustering around a barbecue grill to try to stay warm, but still kind of trying to dance in the back yard. Nice, arty video by Brunkt that keeps things simple and clean, but by no means boring.

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The Wilmas, “Where I Work / Do Me A Favor” (live)
August 22
Mark Johnson uploaded a lost gem of the Lawrence music scene with the second song on this video. “Do Me A Favor” was later covered to great effect on Danger Bob’s Megavegas, but it was originally done in scrappy power-pop form by the Wilmas. It even features John Harrison (the Harrisonics, the What Gives) on lead vocals and guitar. This video is from the spring of 1992, and features damn fine audio and video quality for a 25 year-old VHS tape.

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Heidi Lynne Gluck, “Wolf”
August 30
We can’t stop listening to Pony Show, the debut full-length for Heidi Lynne Gluck. It came out last week via Lotuspool Records, and the absolutely beautiful album now has an absolutely dreamy video for the first single, “The Wolf.” With lines such as “I dream in whiskey/ You dream in wine,” you get a sense of the song’s menacing edge, and it’s just so haunting and amazing and we’re going to just go listen to it one more time, if that’s cool.

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