Is there such a thing as too much metal? Dude! No way! Not if this punishing two-DVD set has anything to say about it. And all metal — goth, death, thrash, power, prog, etc. — is represented here. Cradle Of Filth? Check. Children of Bodom? Yup. Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Lacuna Coil, Sepultura, Sevendust, the Haunted? Present. But Monsters also contains enough hysterical imagery and pompous clichés to entertain those for whom this music is ear-bleeding torture. Stratovarius’ prog-metal ditty “Eagleheart” is either a satirical commentary or an awesomely bad clip of Eurovision-spoof proportions. Hammerfall battles skeletons while playing “Hearts on Fire” in what looks like Castle Greyskull, Helloween bashes out riffs from inside pods, and the vocalist for Oomph dodges but eventually dies from arrows shot by samurai creatures taking target practice. Leave it to the almighty Dimmu Borgir to provide the disc’s highlight with “Progenies of the Great Apokalypse,” a cinematic clip that takes place on a desolate, craggy land filled with, among other things, fire, lightning, heavy eye makeup, a scantily clad woman on a leash, a snake, chains and the thundering vocals of Lucifer himself.

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