Vanessa and Erika in the P&L


Vanessa and Erika are sisters born 11 years apart, but their fashion sense wasn’t separated at birth. If accessorizing was a sport, both these girls would be first-round draft picks.

“We never go shopping together. She dresses younger than me. I’m 34, I can’t do all that,” Erika says, waving her hands in her sister’s direction.

“What, you mean the sparkly pasties and suspenders?” Vanessa jokes. “That’s my night look.”

Vanessa got her floppy black hat at Forever 21 in Oak Park Mall, and her great shoes at the Wild Pair.

If she had a zillion dollars, Vanessa says she’d travel cross-country, stopping at every thrift store and Urban Outfitters on her path. If you win the lottery, V, I’m coming with you.

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