Vandals, at Black & Gold Tavern, celebrates grand opening this Saturday with the Big Iron, Drop a Grand, and Sneaky Creeps

Some fun new trouble is stirring down at 37th Street and Broadway. Black & Gold Tavern has recently undergone a bit of rebranding. The upstairs space has received new lights, sound equipment and a stage, as well as a new name: Vandals.

This weekend, Vandals celebrates its grand opening with a handful of local bands that are all connoisseurs of party. The Big Iron’s beefy, strong-armed rock and roll will guide your hand toward another beer; the Sneaky Creep’s dirty, coarse-ground punk rock will make shots seem like the best possible idea; and the irreverent weirdness of Drop a Grand will guarantee bad decisions worthy of an early-morning Taco Bell run. 

Details here

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