USPS Operation Santa begins today and we’re all getting in on this heartwarming tradition

Operation Santa

Operation Santa graphic. // Courtesy of the USPS Operation Santa Twitter page.

Operation Santa, the most wholesome way to give back and to support the USPS, begins today, December 4. Each year, countless children around the world write letters to Santa asking for toys, trinkets, and sometimes, existential questions about just how Santa gets around to everyone on Christmas night. 

Many children write to Santa asking for financial assistance for their families, or necessities like warm coats and gloves for winter. USPS’ Operation Santa allows the average person to play Santa to a family, by “adopting” a letter from anyone who mails it to the collection, and sending them their needs via delivery. All deliveries will be anonymous- they are from Santa, after all. 

Due to the coronavirus and its numerous financial impacts on families in 2020, many will be writing in need of assistance and holiday cheer. Adopters can either contribute by themselves, or register a team of donators to select letters and help out the kids and families who mailed them. 

If you’re in a financial state of ability to give this year, please consider doing so. Some of the more heart-wrenching letters from previous years’ Operation Santa have been going viral on Twitter, while children being forced to ask Santa for food or money to help their parents get through this. Or, in some cases, hoping Santa has the cure for coronavirus. It’s… a lot.

We’re all planning to help out in some way, and we’d invite you to join us.

The program can be found here. All personal information, like the names and addresses of the writers to Santa, as well as the adopters, is protected.

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