Updated: Music for your bleeding progressive heart

UPDATE, January 17, 3:57PM: We love it when you read our blogs, but we really love it more when you leave comments. Last week, I talked to Winston Apple, organizer with Workfare Incorporated about his fundraising efforts and commenter Tonybasso23 presented us with some tough questions:

how many jobs have been created? how many people have been put to work? How much money has been taken in and what has been the result?

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When you’re standing around, waiting for a show to start, do you ever get all … existential? Yeah, you’ve done a few pub crawls and you’ve drunk several pitchers of Bud Light to raise money for cancer research, donated blood and thrown a few bucks toward Haitian relief. Maybe you’ve given a quarter or two for “bus fare.” Is it enough? Do you ever wonder whether you could be doing, you know, more?

In an attempt to make the world a better place and push our ultra-liberal agenda down your Old Crow-swilling throat, we here at the Wayward Blog want to present you with a new idea: Workfare Incorporated shows.

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