United Way and KC Regional Housing Alliance launch #GetTheRentPaid program in upcoming virtual event

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Photo courtesy KC Regional Housing Alliance

Landlords are joining United Way to stop evictions with millions of dollars in emergency rental and utility assistance. Representatives will be available virtually on March 19 at 10 a.m. to discuss available funding, qualification criteria, and the application process.

This online event is co-sponsored by the KC Regional Housing Alliance and United Way. Keeping Communities On Guard will host future events to assist people in filling out and submitting applications individually while being socially distanced.

Tenants were able to get $150,000 in rental assistance before the winter holidays through a streamlined application process by the KCRHA and United Way. It is unclear as to how many people received this help. The money did not have to go back to the federal government because United Way used it to help people instead.

It is unusual for housing providers to keep renters housed while also ensuring they have the ability to pay for the mortgage, repairs, property taxes, and regular maintenance items. Daniel Hafferty was sued for $2,925 by his landlord after starting a new job in November and agreeing with his landlord on a payment plan. He had struggled to find a job that would keep him safe from COVID-19 due to having a history of cancer and traumatic brain injury. Legal action had been taken by the landlord after Hafferty asked for a two-week extension so his utilities would not be shut off.

“The government broke the economy and has put the burden on us as small businesses to fix it,” says Stacey Johnson-Cosby, president of the KCRHA. “No other industry has been targeted like this. It’s not fair for the government to mandate that we house people for free and without providing relief to cover the costs. We needed this rental assistance and will need more to help renters who may not have paid their utilities or rent for months.”

Thousands of Kansas Citians have lost income due to the pandemic and KC Tenants has stepped up to stop 919 eviction hearings from happening in Jackson and Clay Counties.

The mission statement of the KC Regional Housing Alliance is, “To serve as a trusted, preeminent resource for all stakeholders in the Kansas City Metro housing industry through advocacy, education, and collaboration.” At the end of the day, an organization of housing providers is going to do anything they can to save face and get their money so they can pay their bills too.

Although landlords are commonly known as greedy bastards, this virtual opportunity could be a way to help families pay their rent which is a win-win situation for tenants and landlords.

The state of Kansas has over $180 million and Missouri has over $334 million available in governmental assistance through tax dollars. Kansas City, Jackson County, and Clay County have $30 million between them.

Register for this free upcoming virtual event to learn how to #GetTheRentPaid here because #TogetherWeCan. KCRHA wants you to use these hashtags to help friends and neighbors know what assistance is available and how to apply for it.

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