United Inner City Services expands to the Northland with new facility

UICS-North Center opens // photo courtesy of UICS

United Inner City Services, a multi-service, community-based organization that has served Kansas City since 1967, has expanded its early education services to a third location in the Northland.

Located at 6600A Royal Street in Pleasant Valley, MO, North Child and Family Development Center opened in early September to serve families in Clay and Platte counties.

It is the first UICS location to open outside of its urban center.

The pandemic has created difficulties for families across the country, with many early education facilities closing due to lack of stability and funding. UICS Chief Engagement Officer Gene Willis said, “As options are reduced for families and the effects of the failed Spring 2019 pre-K sales tax manifest themselves, UICS looks to provide expanded options for families of all walks of life: government-assisted, tuition-based, and scholarship-based children and families.”

With a serving capacity of 70 plus students, UICS-North Center instructs students from six weeks to five years old. The Northland location is modeled off of its other early education programs at UICS-St. Mark and UICS-Metro Center. Both schools have found success with students through their credentialed and degreed teachers, priority of family development, access to Family Advocates, and curriculum and staff attuned to trauma-informed care. This has helped its early learners rise to a 90 percent-plus kindergarten readiness rate.

The specific location of UICS-Northland was previously occupied by EasterSeals Midwest, a nonprofit providing disability services. A partnership has been built between the two organizations, with EasterSeals staff members transitioning into UICS roles, both administrative and in the classroom. These staff members also hold experience in offering access to care for students with disabilities and their specific needs.

Enrollment slots are now available for students. Early education teaching positions are also available.

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