Immersive gaming joint BRKTHROUGH hits Overland Park this Fall

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Rendering of BRKTHROUGH’s BRK ROOM with kitchen and self-pour tap wall.

Arcade-style gaming joints these days usually offer a more vintage experience, but new contender in the gaming world BRKTHROUGH promises a stylistic reboot in the social gaming scene.

However OP you may consider yourself, this is no place for isolated gaming. BRKTHROUGH’s games require groups of friends and families to work together through a hoard of gaming rooms, all designed to accommodate 2-4 people at a time. Each room houses its own uniquely themed challenge, requiring the players to use their own mental fortitude, physical prowess, and teamwork to figure out how to score and earn the maximum amount of points. 

Room challenges include interactive games such as “Cliffhanger,” where players have to climb walls in order to score points actively; another game features a basketball challenge where players have to score different kinds of hoops in order to win. And don’t worry about keeping track of points- a digital bracelet that you’ll receive at the start of the experience will take care of it for you.

Owner of BRKTHROUGH Braden Holcomb hopes that the team-based challenges encourage a social experience not offered by other gaming environments. “One of the beliefs that we have, is really the idea of bringing people together to have a fun, unique experience,” says Holcomb. “We wanted to have that as one of the forcing functions, that you can’t do this alone, that you have to work together as a team, and designed everything around that idea.”

The social experience is designed for play and relaxation at one’s leisure. With a built-in restaurant and self-pour tap wall with 20 different beers and wines, players are welcome to lounge and game at their convenience within the experience. While the experience is designed for adults in mind, children 13 & up are welcome to join the fun. Children below 13 are welcome to join with a parent or guardian present in the venue with them at all times. 

The venue plans to open late Fall in Overland Park. Follow BRKTHROUGH on Instagram for information and updates.

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