Ultimate Fakebook

They may have grown up on glam-metal, but the guys in Ultimate Fakebook sound more like rockers mixing the Get Up Kids’ perky pop-punk hooks with the distortion-drenched rock of the Replacements. The band’s first decade of existence — roughly spanning 1994 to 2003 — was highlighted by its second album, 1999’s This Will Be Laughing Week. It was rereleased a year later by Sony, but the LP was too catchy for post-grunge malingering and too muscular for modern-rock radio, so the band’s major-label tenure was short. Another album and EP followed before Ultimate Fakebook split in 2003. The group has reunited the past couple of years for a handful of shows, generating enough momentum to deal with leftover business — specifically Daydream Radio Is Smiling Static, a collection that was self-released for free in July (ufbrocks.com). Its 17 unreleased tracks showcase work that was completed before the breakup (many before 2002’s Open Up and Say Awesome), blending head-nodding melodies and infectious crunch in a way that makes you wonder why these guys ever quit.>

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