Uh Huh Her

“Not a Love Song” by Uh Huh Her, from Common Reaction (Nettwerk):

Uh Huh Her is the synthpop partnership of Murmurs co-founder Leisha Hailey and multi-instrumentalist Camila Grey. Both found success in Los Angeles, Hailey as the actress who portrays bisexual journalist Alice Pieszecki on The L Word, and Grey as a session vocalist for film soundtracks and the illustrious Dr. Dre. Whereas the Murmurs pursued an acoustic alterna-pop path (remember that song “You Suck”?), Uh Huh Her crafts glossed-up electropop that’s more akin to the Human League or Ladytron. The very attractive duo is hitting the road with a drummer and a guitarist to hype up the May 20 release of Common Reaction.

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