Two punk rock frontmen playing solo at the Replay

How’s this for cool? In March and April, you’ll have the chance to see two former punk rock frontmen playing all by their lonesome in the intimate setting of Lawrence’s Replay Lounge.

On March 7, Tim Barry, former frontman for Virginia punks Avail, plays an early all-ages matinee at the Replay. Barry’s come through a couple of times, and it’s a fantastic show. The whole “punk rocker playing folk/country” is a bit overdone at this point, especially considering they’ve made an annual tour out of it (the Revival Tour), but Barry’s got a down-home style of delivery that fits nicely with what he’s doing. He’s touring in support of 28th & Stonewall, due out later this month on Suburban Home.

Just a little over one month later, on April 13, we get Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen. Yes, he’ll play Dead Milkmen songs, but Talcum’s got an insanely deep back catalog of songs. Considering the fact that he was just here, opening for Pinback, it’s uncertain as to what sort of show he’ll do, but the man’s been in nearly a dozen bands at this point, as well as releasing solo material, so let’s hope he keeps things interesting.

Talcum’s playing with Samuel Locke-Ward & The Boo Hoo’s as openers.

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