Two KC artist designs coming (potentially) to a PBR can near you

Two KC artists can win $10k if you vote for them by Feb. 18
PBR art voting

Vote for your favorite PBR artwork. // Courtesy of PBR

Pabst Blue Ribbon holds an annual Art Can Contest for emerging artists to feature their designs on PBR beer products.

Ben Walters and Frank Norton are local artists whose designs were selected for the top 25 out of over 7,000 submissions worldwide.

Scorpion 2

Ben Walters Scorpion design. // Courtesy of PBR

The stakes have been raised significantly for the 10 year anniversary of PBR’s Art Can contest. Ten designs will be selected, and each artist will earn $10,000 for their design in addition to having their artwork slapped on 140 million beer cans.

PBR did the hard part of narrowing 7,000 submissions down to 25. Now it’s your turn to vote.

Eighteen cities are represented in the final 25 designs, and two of those contenders happen to be from KC. Voters get to select their 10 favorites, and the number of times anyone can vote is unlimited.

Norton Pbr 012822

Frank Norton animal design. // Courtesy of PBR

Remember our fair city’s All-Star ballot stuffing and #VoteOmar? It’s time to bust out those burner email accounts and rep KC while helping artists all at once.



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