Tweets of the Week

This is our first Twitpic entry in the “Tweet of the Week” category. Coming courtesy of the Noise FM (whom you can follow via @thenoisefm), it was taken after the band’s show Wednesday night at the Riot Room. The caption explains it all.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the Architects have been on tour with Flogging Molly for a couple weeks now, we’ve not featured any of Brandon Phillips’ intriguing tweets via the band’s Twitter, @TheArchitectsKC. I say “surprisingly” because the band’s managed to get both a flat tire in a House of Blues parking garage, as well as stranding themselves in the middle of a field. Ask them all about it when they open for Flogging Molly at the Uptown on Sunday.

Translation for our Spanish-deficient readership: “Because I speak Spanish like a fucking baby.”

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