As part of some unspoken exchange program, many Dublin-based bands emulate brassy American R&B ensembles, whereas plenty of U.S. groups fetishize shamrocks and shenanigans. Grain Valley’s Tullamore is to Scottish and Irish traditional songs what the Commitments were to soul covers. Its festive harmonies, fiddle-fueled jiggery and lilting accents make this the Missouri band around which to build St. Patrick’s Day plans. On Thursday afternoon, Tullamore hoists toasts and hammers its dulcimer at O’Malley’s in Weston, the pub at which it recorded its recently released concert album, One for the Road. Peaking with “The Night Pat Murphy Died,” a tragicomic tale of a wake-turned-riot, One for the Road ranges from solemn standards (“Danny Boy”) to drinking tunes with contagious music-hall melodies. The rotating lead vocals and stylistic shifts keep this set fresh, even for listeners who aren’t as obviously inebriated as the live audience.

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