T.S. Monk

When it comes to jazz legends, we’re all on a single-name basis: Miles, Bird, Trane, Ella, Dizzy and, of course, Monk. Yet that level of fame can be a tough burden for the progeny of those giants who have chosen to carry on the family business. For drummer, vocalist, composer and bandleader T.S. Monk, son of the gifted pianist, it’s just another point of pride and passion. After all, how many people get to celebrate a parent’s legacy with the likes of Bill Cosby, Arturo Sandoval, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter? Though the fruit of Monk’s musical aspirations doesn’t fall far from his father’s tree, his taste certainly reflects a marked difference in style. His initial stints centered on holding down drumming duties in his father’s trio, but the younger Monk eventually struck out on his own and plunged headlong into R&B and funk. In the early ’90s, he came full circle to his jazz roots. Now Monk brings all his influences to the stage with the same poise, style and depth for which his father was renowned.

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