True North drops Dimestore Hemingway at the Jazzhaus this Saturday (+MP3)

Dimestore Hemingway is the awesome name of the new album from twangy Kansas roots rockers True North. The clever name nails the intelligent, everyman spirit of this band.

TN sent me an advance copy of the album last week. The songs — many of which I’ve been enjoying at live shows for a long time — are full of frontman Gary McKnight‘s playful songwriting. The mournful “Near Mrs” is a personal favorite. “Three Chords and the Truth” is a fun little country rocker. And “Sideways” is one of TN’s classic odes to hard-drinking.

Elsewhere on the album, the band pays references Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, both lyrically and musically.

Grab a free MP3 from Dimestore Hemingway after the jump.

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