True Newman, Alicia Solo, Headlight Rivals, and more of the best local music videos

Well, it’s already August, so the time is right for sunlit, hazy videos for late-summer viewing. And this month’s songs turn out to be just about perfect for these bright days of windows-down driving, backyard barbecues and riding out the last month of the season.

True Newman, “I’ll Be Gone”

July 11

True Newman covers “I’ll Be Gone” — originally by Tom Waits, from his Frank’s Wild Years album — while sitting fireside for the first installment of the Getting to Second Base summer live sessions. It’s hypnotic to see how much one person can do with just a guitar equipped with a segment of washboard, and Newman takes Waits’ original and makes it even more furious. 

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Alicia Solo, “Good” 

July 12

The former Beautiful Bodies frontwoman goes for the eponymous pun on her debut single EP, Solo. The lead-off track is as sunny as this video, directed by Jill Gevargizian (aka Jill Sixx), and it rocks a totally amazing synth lick that I swear comes from Kraftwerk’s “Man Machine,” if not the Fearless Four’s “Rockin’ It.” It’s fun, dancy music, and the bright, hazy video makes a good case for riding bikes down to the levee whenever you get done dancing in your yard. 

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Rory Fresco, “Involved” 

July 14

Nothing says summer more than hanging outside, playing basketball and listening to music, except maybe saying, “Fuck, it’s too goddamn hot,” then going inside to crank up the AC and play Mario Kart. You get both in this video, along with Rory Fresco’s short,bouncing track. It rides really well, and I can’t get enough of Rory’s flow. He even makes Autotune sound good.

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Mess, “Innocence”

August 2

A gorgeously shot video by director Will Stone turns Mess’ quietly building indie lament into something more. Combined with Allison Gliesman’s repeated declarations of I know we’re innocent, the video can be understood to depict the demise of a relationship, a suicide pact or simply the usual ups and downs of couplehood, even as its ambiguity lends the song extra heft. There’s also a beauty to the way Stone conveys both the love and frustration of the couple in “Innocence,” which makes the whole thing captivating.

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Salty, “Damaged Glandz”

August 4

Fun with green screen, y’all! The video’s as off-center as the song itself, and it’s also pretty silly. The song’s all synthy garage punk, and the video’s the sort of thing we don’t recommend for anyone diagnosed with epilepsy. But if you’re medically able, you know what to do — and go snag a copy of Salty’s Preservation Blues cassette to crank at your next party.

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Zarin Micheal, “Blackface”

August 4

Directed by Kendu the Stampede, the video for Zarin Micheal’s “Blackface,” from the Fuck You Reloaded EP, does not fuck around. Featuring Michael in chains standing against an open sky, Kendu’s video trades on the song’s lyrical imagery of Django Unchained. Pretty badass.

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Headlight Rivals, “Used Too”

August 7

The second single from the Manhattan punk trio’s Juliette EP, “Used Too” plays out with chunky riffs and distorted vocals. It’s definitely part of the recent trend for punk-ish bands making music that borrows equally from Jawbreaker’s Dear You–era material and certain aspects of ’90s grunge, and I am totally into it. I have no idea whether the blood’s real, but that certainly looks like a razor blade drawing blood, and it’s arresting to watch.

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