Truckstop Honeymoon

It’s been about five years since Katie Euliss and Mike West — the husband-and-wife team better known as Truckstop Honeymoon — relocated from post-Katrina New Orleans to Lawrence. Judging by the down-home witticisms on their sixth full-length, Homemade Haircut, it’s clear that they’re really not big fans of wind. It’s another beautiful day in May/I love Kansas in the spring, West sings on “Kansas in the Spring.” It’s a nice sentiment, until you figure out that it’s a cheeky ode to living in Tornado Alley — another beautiful day in the basement with the wife and the kids and the neighbors and their kids. This bluegrass-tinged duo have never been overly melancholy, but compared with their more introspective last disc, Homemade Haircut is a high-spirited hootenanny. The album finds room for swap-meet hoarders (“Bargain Hunting”) and the don’t-cost-nothin’ fashion tips of the title song, all framed by Euliss’ storming standup bass and West’s rollicking banjo.

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