Trucker recently won a slot on the cable-televised hard-rock showcase, Farmclub, and this four-song EP makes a convincing case for this Lawrence-based trio’s warranting national attention. Singer-guitarist Todd Johnson’s voice, which mixes Mike Ness’ country-tinged snarl with the angsty emoting of a grunge-group frontman, fits perfectly into the band’s tight, guitar-powered compositions. All of these tunes feature strong endings, from the calm final notes of the low-key “Right Next to You” to the chaotic closing seconds of “Your Own Way,” and each song is densely structured, with intricate intros and well-constructed bridges. The tight production makes Wayne Rasmuss’ drums sound huge while it captures the interaction between Johnson’s distortion-spitting guitar and Tom Barletta’s solid bass in vivid detail. Although this Trucker is now headed out on the road, the group should be poised to earn a sizable local following once it returns from the Farm.

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