This here scribe is in love, boy. Since Miami rap diva Trina’s summer appearance on the remixes of Webbie’s successful single “Bad Bi**h” and Ebony Eyez’s “In Ya’ Face,” Slip and Slide’s first lady has been in high demand. Now, back for her third album, the Queen of Miami has released another jewel, Glamorest Life, a diamond-enhanced, seductive, classy effort. Strong collaborations with Lil’ Wayne (“Don’t Trip”), Lil’ Scrappy (“Shake”), Kelly Rowland (“Here We Go”) and Trey Songs (“50/50”) satisfy the hungriest of hit-song-making appetites. The single, “Here We Go,” is blazing hot on the charts, with video airplay sizzling like lean turkey bacon. Slip and Slide cohorts CO and Money Mark Diggla join Trina and Snoop Dogg on the groovy “Sexy Gurl,” with SS member Deuce Poppi featured on “Throw It Back” and Rick Ross on the raunchy “I Gotta.” Not many solo artists can get away with an album that has not one solo joint on it, but Trina can. She can do what she wants, including live the life she raps about and still make your heart skip a beat with her sexy, sultry persona.

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