Trending Twitter phrase “Kansas City Bomber” causes minor social media panic during Super Bowl parade

"Kansas City Bomber" started trending on Twitter after actress Raquel Welch passed away. This was not clear to Kansas Citians when they opened the app.
The crowd gathers for the 2020 Super Bowl parade outside of Union Station.

The crowd gathers for the 2020 Super Bowl parade.

There has not been a threat to harm Kansas city, despite “Kansas City Bomber” trending on Twitter. A very unfortunate coincidence that created a minor panic during the Super Bowl Parade.


The phrase started trending after news came out that actress Raquel Welch passed away today. One of her most popular roles was K.C. Carr in the film Kansas City Bomber. 

Her fans took to social media to mourn and remember some of her great work, including this movie with a very terrifying name for the Kansas Citians that scrolled through twitter post Chiefs parade.

The phrase is continuing to trend on Twitter as more users are pointing out the harm that miscommunication caused…ironically. 

The parade went off without any major issues and we once again were able to bask in the glory of our team as they celebrated in the streets of Kansas City.

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