Travis at the Riot Room


It hadn’t occurred to me prior to meeting Travis, but being punk requires serious commitment.

How long did it take him to pierce this jacket with hundreds of metal studs? “Years,” he said. He works at Freaks, so he’s quite familiar with piercing.

The handcuffed crotch-area is an especially nice touch:

In Travis’ neighborhood on Troost, he and his roommates are known as The Rockers. That’s what the hookers call them, Travis says. He knows this because his ex was walking down Troost one night and one of the ladies of the night asked her, “You live with those rockers?”

Travis says, “I like (living on Troost). The rent is cheap. We don’t fuck with anybody and nobody fucks with us. We just do our own thing.”

And that includes rocking crotch-cuffs, ya dig?

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