Has mainstream rock and roll gotten so clichéd that the only entertainment value it provides comes from guessing what artist or song is being reinterpreted? Train’s Drops Of Jupiter seems to be a who’s who in current and classic rock rip-offs, as the band picks up such esteemed passengers as The Beatles and Counting Crows only to strip them of their melodic baggage. Its tracks are well worn, but Train’s tunes are, for the most part, better than average. The catchy “She’s on Fire” could be the theme song for the eventual Phoebe/Friends spin-off show, while “I Wish You Would” and “Respect” have that bittersweet midtempo smirk that seems to fit perfectly on pop and modern-rock stations alike. The little engine that could helps Train outdistance most of its bland contemporaries, but it still needs to do a better job of disguising its influences. After all, the best thieves are the ones who never get caught.

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