Tonight: We Built this Tigercity at the Brick (Now with MP3!)

In lieu of having its own Hall & Oates and Wang Chung-inspired band, Kansas City seems to have adopted Tigercity as one of its native sons. The Brooklyn band draws a dedicated crowd of KC kids who dress up to get down to the band’s smooth, yacht-humpin’, ultra-sexy, falsetto funk. There’s really no equal around today (maybe Chromeo or MGMT) when it comes to updating the feathery vibes laid down by the Doobie Brothers, Prince, and Roxy Music. But Tigercity is no mere novelty act – their songs are at least as memorable as the artists they mimic, and often even better.

The Tiger crew wrapped up its new album at the end of last year, but no release date has been revealed. They’ll preview the new tunes tonight when they play The Brick with Mannequin Skywalker. Drummer Aynsley Powell will defend his second-place trophy in the category of highest-placed crash cymbals (first place goes to that dude from Battles), and guitarist Andrew Brady will make you wish you learned more Prince tabs and fewer Eddie Van Halen solos. As always, there will be dancing, even among those who planned to quietly sip their drinks in the corner and go home alone and sad.

Expect it to be at least this entertaining:

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