Tonight: Tut Tut at the Czar Bar

Tonight, Tut Tut plays the Czar Bar with 20,000 Strongmen. They were offered this show kind of last minute and thus is not on the Czar Bar web site nor calendar, which is why you may not have heard about it.

According to Tut Tut’s Alexander Abnos, 20,000 Strongmen plays “jangly folksy stuff, and a lot of the songs are pretty funny. It should be a fun show, and really, what the hell else is there to do on a Tuesday?”

Tut Tut plays next on October 16 at the Brick, where Abnos will be playing with Mammoth Life. This will be ML’s last KC show before they head east to play at CMJ, so come out to support our locals before they go east to make famous with the college radio types.

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