Tonight: Tut Tut at Czar Bar

“Beware the Ides of March.”

-Soothsayer, Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene II

Actually, with apologies to Billy the Bard, one should actually be aware of the Ides of March.

With that awkward bit of phrasing, we’re trying to tell you that Tut Tut‘s show at Czar Bar tonight is an Ides of March special. As Tut Tut frontman Alex Abnos says, “I’m playing a block away at the Brick on Saturday and I didn’t want to double up the same show.”

So, tonight’s show with the Silent Years will feature all new material that Abnos has written over the past couple of weeks, dealing with or tangentially related to the infamous date, Caesar, Brutus, the Soothsayer, et al. It’s a show that can be appreciated by rockers and English majors alike.

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