Tonight: The Pitch Music Showcase

Go suck a reindeer, Christmas. The Pitch Music Showcase is the most wonderful night of the year. I’m super-excited for tonight’s extravaganza in Westport — 28 solid, sound, local musical acts across six stages … I don’t think I can even fully fathom how good we have it.

And we wouldn’t have jack without the efforts of a whole crop of great people. I would like to personally thank from the bottom of my KC-lovin’ heart our insanely hardworking marketing pros and sales reps, all of tonight’s venues and their employees and also our sponsors — VitaminWater, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Schlafly. Because of these fine companies, all of tonight’s acts are getting paid, and, more important, you get to enjoy them for the ridiculously low price of $5.

And thanks to all the musicians, bands, DJs, MCs, their parents, significant others, high school band directors and everyone who taught ’em how to play it real.

I’ll keep this short. I just wanted to post a little roundup of links, kinda consolidate the coverage we’ve done so far …

The Lineup: for the latest version go here. There will be plenty of handy pocket guides strewn about midtown tonight, but they don’t reflect the changes at the Foundry: Andrew Northern has taken the place of Kipsquared, and Tactic is spinning instead of Kiko. (By the way: Northern is opening later tonight for Lady Gaga’s DJ, Space Cowboy, at Mint. FYI.)

The Awards. Our Official Showcase Guide contains profiles of all 126 Pitch Awards nominees. Pick it up in this week’s Pitch or read it online.

The Voting. If you haven’t voted yet, tonight’s your last chance. Save a tree and vote online.

The Music. I’ve posted songs, the vast majority as free MP3 downloads, by every single act playing tonight’s showcase. It’s organized by venue. Follow the links for free music from the acts playing the Riot Room patio, the Riot Room inside, the Beaumont, McCoy’s, the Foundry and our sponsor tent. Because so much of this music is new — some of it’s in various mastering/demo stages — I’ll be removing all of it tomorrow, so don’t wait!

The Awards Ceremony. We’re giving out trophies to the acts that got the most votes in each of the 21 categories on Sunday, August 16. Admission is $5. London Transit, the Pedaljets, Stik Figa and Making Movies are providing the night’s entertainment. For more details, go here.

The Hangover. Yeah. Don’t expect much coverage of tonight’s action up here tomorrow. There might be a little something to tide you over until Monday, when we’ll be posting gobs of photos, videos and thrilling tales. But don’t count on much. Tonight is bigger than Jesus for us. If you’re a Twitterer, look for intermittent dispatches at the Wayward Tweet.

Now go take a nap. It’s gonna be massive.

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