Tonight: “Nineties Night” at the Pistol, starring Batrider

Grunge, an infectiously rockin’ disease that originated with flannel-clad chimpanzees in Africa and spread through male primate ululating in the nightclubs of Seattle, is still alive and raging in the undergrounds of the USA.

Batrider, a New Zealand band that fully embraces its grunge affliction, is headlining a show tonight at the Pistol Social Club, and, holy cow, look at this nice flier!

(That probably could be a good contender for Flier of the Week, but I’ll leave the choosing of that up to my co-blogger, Nick “Fly Eyes” Spacek.)

Batrider’s not the only band bringing back the ’90s tonight in the Bottoms, at least, according to the Pistol’s Facebook page, which lists the bill as follows:

High Diving Ponies (Lawrence) Shoe-grungers

Biker Chick and the Riff Raffs (KC) Fun-grunge

Poison Generate (KC) Grunge-velvet

Andrew Connor of Ghosty, who is not grunge at all but still came of age in the ’90s, opens with a solo set.

Stream and/or purchase Batrider’s newest, the very grungy indeed Why Can’t We Be Together?, at Bandcamp. Or save your money for tonight’s donation and buy a record from the merch table.

Can we use the word “grunge” again in this post? No? OK.

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