Tonight! Neil Hamburger at the Record Bar: Why would you not go?

Q: Why did God let John Denver die?

A: Because his records weren’t selling anymore.

That’s just one of many gems from Neil Hamburger, who brings his standup tonight to the Record Bar. Calling himself America’s Funnyman, Hamburger has invented himself as the ultimate parody of the broken, washed-out, unkempt, sloppy, “bad” American comic. Wearing a dime-store tux and sporting a combover that itself looks badly hungover, Hamburger often arrives on stage with an armload of cocktails, voiding his throat of phlegm before pulling out strings of and deliriously groan-inducing jokes (some of which, themselves, are parodies of jokes) about mostly tabloid-level celebrities. The man is a spectacle. And despite the dance, you can tell he’s on your side. Tickets tonight are only eight clams. Daquiri and Bacon Shoe open.

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