Tonight: Hot Toddies + Dead Girls = Pop Rock Perfection

The Hot Toddies formed in 2004 while relaxing on a beach in Mexico, heavily under the influence of Tecate and tequila. Heidi and Erin began writing songs, and Jessica and Sylvia joined the band in the fall of 2005. All together, they are a fun loving group of four girls from Oakland who play drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards and sing charmingly about being bad.

They’re currently touring in support of their Smell the Mitten release on Asian Man Records. It’s coquettish and cute and adorable and I don’t why why I feel I have to use these words when describing bands of cute girls who play pop. They’re super-duper and highly recommended to fans of the Muffs, the Pipettes or Cub. Think Vivian Girls, but sunnier.

They play the Replay Lounge in Lawrence tonight with the Dead Girls (fresh off the release of their Te Quiero EP) and Moxx Nixx, which appears to be the new project from Lonnie Fisher, late of Sturgeon Mill and Lonnie Fisher & the Funeral.

MP3: the Hot Toddies, “Wet Dream”

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