Tonight: Faces will be punched in KCK

For those who don’t know — and since mixed martial arts is one of the fastest

growing sports in the country, there probably aren’t too many of you —

the action takes place in a octagonal ring surrounded by a head-high

chain link fence. Competitors with lots of tattoos try to pummel each

other with whatever skills and appendages they have available until one

of them is knocked out, can no longer defend him/herself, or submits.

Bears says he’s been preparing and training for the last two months at Caveman Crew Mixed Martial Arts, a pretty badass-looking gym in Raytown. People bleed there.

There are rules but not with respect to style, and fighters come from a variety of different people-hurting background. Bears, a 31-year-old with a wiry muscular frame, is trained in jujitsu and is mostly a stand-and-striker, which means he likes to fight on his feet.

Watch him pummel a dude after the jump.

Woodley, Bears’ body-fat-lacking opponent, is a two-time All American wrestler for the University of Missouri, so Bears said he’s been training counter-wrestling maneuvers. Bears is considered the underdog.

Bears says he likes fighting at home. “Definitely,” he says. “They chant my name because of the movie Rudy.”

The action starts tonight at 10 p.m. Undercards begin at 8 p.m.

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