Tonight: Electric Six at the Record Bar

Despite being six years old and overplayed, Electric Six‘s 2003 hit “Gay Bar” has not lost its luster – namely, that of a polished turd. We mean no disrespect. E6 is the funniest and most rocking band ever to mock itself and its chosen genre of disco rock. Raging, intricate guitar licks define the sound of these Detroit boys’ passionate project, while Dick Valentine’s fervent doggerel continues to perplex and entertain skeptics and the devout alike. All subjects are fair game for this heavy-riffing group of miscreants. In “Formula 409,” the country is governed by evil lizard people seeking to utilize citizen cleanup crews armed with paper towels and household cleaners. In “Down at Mcdonnelzz,” they sing about partying down in a fast food chain parking lot dressed as a centaur. Touring this spring behind 2008 release Flashy, E6 lets you in on the joke that this is no freaking joke. — Matt Erickson

Electric Six plays tonight at the Record Bar with Bang Camaro and the ’68 Comeback.

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