Tonight! Bill Callahan at RecordBar

  • Oto Gillen
  • Tonight in Westport

Part of me thinks that Bill Callahan is a ghost. Few in the RecordBar crowd, last time he was in town, seemed to even notice that he had taken the stage; the set started both abruptly and unassumingly. After the last song, he thanked the crowd, put down his guitar and walked right out the front door and into the parking lot. He opened his van, got in and sat by himself in the backseat. Essentially, he existed neither before nor after his performance. Callahan’s supernatural gift for writing deeply strange, yet oddly accessible country music – 2011’s Apocalypse is, by my count, his fourth consecutive instant-classic album – serves to support my theory.

Tonight – Wednesday, May 8, at RecordBar, $12.

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