Tonight: A Benefit For the Riverboat Gamblers’ Ian MacDougall at the Riot Room

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago about Ian MacDougall, guitarist for the Riverboat Gamblers, and the injuries he sustained when hit by a car while he was riding his bike.

While you can still go to the Help Ian page to donate, perhaps you’re the sort of person who needs to get a little something for your donation — the person who doesn’t send any money to PBS until they offer up the tote bag, as it were.

Well, here you go: tonight at the Riot Room, there’s a benefit for MacDougall, featuring some of the finest rock ‘n’ roll Kansas City has to offer. When benefits for musicians are usually done, it’s inevitably the case that the bands playing have little-to-no connection with the musician whom they’re helping, other than the tenuous “fellow musician” connection.

In the case of tonight’s show, you get a healthly dose of bands who share a sonic connection with MacDougall’s band: The Sixteens, Wrong Crowd, The Also Rans, Hopeless Destroyers, and 45th St. Porch Band.

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