Tom’s Town Distilling Co. has a new line of delicious canned cocktails


Tom’s Town’s new canned cocktail line. // Courtesy Tom’s Town Distilling Co.

Tom’s Town Distilling Co. is bringing us a little extra light in these final days of summer with their new canned cocktail four-packs. And they couldn’t have picked better timing for the drop. As we’re once again donning masks and shying away from our well-loved bar seats, locally-made canned cocktails feel like a reward for sitting around the house (yet again).

Each cocktail is diligently crafted with Tom’s Town award-winning spirits and made to feel like the bartender just poured it out for you. At first glance, the packaging is magnetically appealing. You’re not supposed to pick your drinks because the cans are wrapped in a tactile paper that would be perfect for ASMR. But with the gorgeous design of sharp, gold art deco lines, they just look and feel satisfying.

As for the cocktails themselves, I got to try three of the four flavors, and here’s what I thought. (Spoiler alert: They’re all thirst-quenching, delicious, and a new go-to for on-the-go drinking.)

Grapefruit Clove Gin Cocktail

It might be too cheugy to call this a downright lovely drink, but it’s a downright lovely drink. Crafted with Tom’s Town botanical gin, this cocktail is akin to a Long drink with an ABV of 5%. With its predominantly grapefruit flavor, this one isn’t necessarily for the diehard spirits-lover wanting the appreciate the full craft of the gin. But, it’s perfect for the casual drinker who wants a delicious cocktail and the knowledge that they are indeed imbibing. The clove and grapefruit marry with a beautiful balance of citrus and earthy spice, and the drink is light and wholistically refreshing.

For my own tasting, I paired it with leftover pasta salad. Something about the ill-conceived homemade vinaigrette mixed with a canned cocktail really screamed, “I’m staying home because of the delta variant, but making the most of it.” This was my favorite of the cocktails, and the reason I will be picking up more four-packs at the store.

Elderflower Lime Gin Cocktail

With a 5% ABV, the Elderflower Lime Gin cocktail is made to resemble a Gimlet. Elderflower is a light, floral flavor to begin with—when mixed into a canned cocktail with sparkling water and the botanical gin, it risks becoming La Croix-esque. Yet, the initial bite of the lime and sparkling water gave way well to the subtle aromatics of the elderflower. The flavors are a diabolically perfect complement to the botanical gin, crafted with notes of floral, citrus, and baking spices.

The lime flavor is derived from the calamansi lime, which is a sweeter variant than citrus latifolia—your typical grocery store purchase—and used often in Malaysian cooking. As a result, more than one of these drinks became a little too sugary for my taste, but the first can is a treat well worth it.

This was also my favorite of the cocktails because I couldn’t choose, and thus, the reason I will be picking up more four-packs at the store.

Lemon Gin Collins

Reminiscent of a Tom Collins with a 9% ABV, this cocktail has a simpler flavor profile than the first two, which allows for a greater focus on the caramel-y notes of the distilling co.’s barreled gin that forms the drink’s base. It’s simple but solid, with a richer flavor than the previous two thanks to the gin.

For my personal palate, I found more than one of the Lemon Gin Collins to become cloyingly sweet after about half of a can—I tend to prefer a sharper and more citrusy flavor from Tom Collins. That being said, this drink maintains the canned cocktail line’s theme of refreshing and fun, and it will certainly be The One for someone.

With their subtlety of flavor, a little fizz, and fresh flavors, these canned cocktails are perfect for a barbecue tailgate, kicking back to watch the sunset on your porch, or for a Ted Lasso season two binge at your vaccinated friend’s house. As Tom’s Town would say, the people are thirsty, and these canned cocktails really hit the spot in this heatwave.

You can find Tom’s Town canned cocktail four-packs wherever spirits are sold throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Also, check out the three cocktails reviewed here for sale in the Grab ‘n Go markets at Arrowhead Stadium this fall!

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